Image is a universally spoken language, so a coherent message must be accompanied by a strong visual concept. An image is understood in an instant, giving you an immediate presence in the world, breaking down the barriers of time and space.

Design, graphic creativity and iconographic language (online or in print) are the tools we use to build the image of your organisation, a permanent dialogue between thought (intention) and practice (design).

Print communication

Printed communication still has an important role to play in getting your image across once the message, content and creative concept have been defined to fit in with your identity and strategy. Annual reports, corporate brochures, newsletters, magazines… edito3 works with you every step of the way, from design and layout, editing, proofreading in different languages, choosing the right paper, monitoring the printing stage and production… right through to delivery of the finished product.

Web communication

The Internet has become an essential tool at the very heart of any communication strategy, encouraging interaction and immediate contact, reaching out to valuable target audiences.

edito3 helps you write and structure the content, architecture and organisation of your web pages, develop the tree structure and navigation system, without forgetting the technical restrictions and specifications inherent to the whole process.

Working with a web designer, edito3 can develop a new graphic identity which fits in seamlessly with your business’s visual identity.


Because video has become a platform for a business and its people to communicate, it is the perfect way to get your message across quickly, simply and entertainingly.

From video podcasts, to reports, to corporate films, edito3 can help you put together your messages and organise the filming and production with the help of a company specialising in this area.

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