Dialogue is what it’s all about.

In an era when anyone and everyone can "edit", where communication channels are numerous and diverse, a content strategy has to be about synergy. Businesses, institutions and associations all evolve in an environment of change and challenges. Closely engaged with their different target audiences, it is essential that they create a coherent, appropriate discourse, that they express themselves articulately, using words and images. In 3 words: make it meaningful.

Internal analysis and communication audit

What do you want to say and how do you want to say it?  During the communication audit process, edito3 recommends analysing your needs, your areas of expertise and your target audiences with a view to helping you (re)define your communicational and editorial stance. The way we work includes internal and external interviews, an analysis of communication tools already being used, a study of existing perception and studies and a definition of your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats (SWOT analysis). This process is as much about the basis for your communication as its form.

Strategic planning

Any organisation lives in and with its environment. It works within an ecosystem in which it acts and has a voice. When edito3 looks at strategic planning, we help you take an objective view of the society in which you are evolving. Whether they are allies or detractors, all of your stakeholders give us a vital insight into how we should define your content strategy. Alongside this, we look at the media and the Internet to help you understand the different trends and dialogues which are out there at the moment. All of this contributes to how we define your approach before we even begin to look at the words or the images.


Using the different elements of the initial analysis, edito3 then puts together a content strategy for your organisation. We suggest what words you should use to communicate with the different people involved with your business or institution, which channels to use, what timescales to follow, how to incorporate your values, your USPs, what the context is and what themes you really should focus on. We also talk to you about the potential pitfalls you should think about in the way your organisation presents itself to its target audiences. We work closely with you, putting forward strategic recommendations which include priorities, timings, messages, style, key words… and help you to put across a coherent image, in harmony with your environment.
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